13 February 2012


Joysad treble (concertenure) laving weasands off Punagains Weak: punter's galways everreturned crowbarred, compolutely cupboard in attritions and conniptions.  Caprice afterbeck uncle newteen fifth-rate hidden oddending, a pologue, elustive encryptions toothylast setto gulleys, jimsown fight to phoenixh.  Accordiont endemic prosecesse of texual uglification ether.  Cleavarivacuations captain proseincenting thingsolves, foothering nowaydears.  Hearer, summa my corkuptions:

Hippogriff     Lion   
        1               1      Fire "Ayeve tryeed", right "Oft wryed"
        "               1      Fire "deWit", right "deWitt"
        "               1      Fire "twained", right "twinned"
        "               2      Dalite "Injeness"
        "               3      Fire "(a loa)", right "(a loang)"
        "               3      Putt "(looka zoombye)" wry tufter "Ogun"
        "               5      Fire "Pauzze", right "Pauzzo"
        "               5      Fire "dime", right "dieme"
        2               3      Fire "Half-barred", right "Half-bared"
        "               7      Fire "gracers", right "graces"
        "               7      Fire "Rudely", right "Readily"
        "               7      Fire "Al", right "al"
        "               8      Fire "troll", right "tryall"
        "               9      Fire "uthers sow", right "unthers see"
        3               1      Fire "winter lowqualizing", right "wantreallikewiseing"
                                 ex cathedra, bed sittera, gob stoppera, Great Scotthorror

Adventurely, Jayses consternections weary inkerspirited endue detoxed, machinate mulch osier treed.  Howrigan knife dundersame:

What, stoppunning?!  Oft wryed, bit canaled deWitt.  Eiffeld twinned this tour of Babble.  Pottery's Nineveh Finnish, marely a bandersnatched, by farce, Invalerytilly pursed.  Or, invaliant errorly, hey janxt to sin (a loang) Ogun (looka zumbye).  Judah spree day-scholier complines, tiercely vespers (no stannic-luck skulker he!)--one true dreamer, force physix, Sabinate, nein? (Pauzzo.  Caezura dieme)--Quarkadaedaldue!  Time to begin agoing, run agate, pun agon, feign again Funny Jin--wake, Wake, WAKE! 

Too right, thus aweigh, assisi, and have it formal a swell, O diction.  Insufferablated by Choice's pneuma tics, my inner landscage is idealectofried--TVA not TV, doubt it's quotation.  Can eumenides?  O rest esy?  Half-bared dreams: Aye dares drub discursive anymadhesion?  Eave bloukoum a lily blottoseater; strap-in his daffycult.  A symphony infacted by counter-Joyce memes, and Av nenuphar boon taxineeded.  Pun is borne to troubledears, Oster sparks flyipwords.  The associolitterative fooled Safire, stumped at butterflayr epigone. Sample graces: Readily Macher (trubba not!); mucklurk porridge, al Exemo horrorshow tryall; the toy-tripped triggers oft Infancy; undercourse Elys'on pundermandrillum, unthers see waders.  Yorick, light us, torch us to Cairo not Tokay, Teacher's, Toby's still.  Helpless nutter Step hen dearsome forever twyst!  But aleas it's nogoad Tory.

  Sylph:  I canna chop it thin?  Thus Joyous understundying vie meimeosas, wantreallikewiseing a weigh-in to dreamcountrary?  O Kay, colossal olio jokester asked, ifso, fatso, howlieu prosecede?  Wet thrulles aptlie to stitch lottery Brücke-college?  Città folk shun, O say, bward James, crossmess parzle?  Interattunement, Homerseal troyed, or crowdery pleasesir?  Sot factor affliction?  Wot jersey maids: demonstretchum, indiscrept shun, X prosission, Pally A. Nation, rammit orgy, hammylettext, sa-Tyros, pirady, Mimi sissy?  Howdyah delemmingate the banned rose (banloose) of the fold?  How chorale yore ward-hordses?  Houghton pastrify the wards of the tribune?  Helter Shepard Katz?  Mechno punsensor porpoise?  Canst raize (Levinate) tunas, widowed Annette? 
     If Corsican watch the store, York, hourmature (skillet, hon) of the Noratiff: bedwetter the mussels, nervous vassals, ees hares ort?  Sominy questings to parseyou.  Shad owl sovereignty tropes of ambiquity (and Emp some!) being cloudded?  Ysold eliberation valeted?  Broth bountiful and trop (obstruct end o' days)?  Watts gesso, wits ever rot?  Waits allwed, weights frere verse?  Shoedye shawharm in as much ambigaiety, as manna aliments as acorn, chap fulla nuts as a chickmump, strewords a rum galleon, tumuli raisings inter priddeng?  Willa cockup a hottering djinnius hog gluten notion lucca lingual carabiniaro; testy mettle of saucy Jessy; succotash haggies (bile and babble); cadger eye spice messer pourritch?  Re-eyesore me!
   Saul:  Shore, wittels?  Bouillevairsse!  Exspoliade the starry!  Tether modyarn traumbucken wrider tortoise--that Kill-ease sickman--abeaut sidekick debtor minis-truism, trustyer umclampshears prunning for narrowtive thryst.  His new roses, hys steery (Joyses), both pen in umbresse undertau zones of asocialoceans, and scrumptiously.  Tokarev the zounds intersensual ticker-off thumbs' elves.  So daunt be Freudened, done by tents, lets we g'wam and Cotuit!
    Sylph:  You sore?
    Saul:  Look, thrust the farce, ma'an!
  Sylph:  Oaky jokey.  Hearbsalyst of scourses passable.  Yesumé personnel references?  Lowcal crullers (var. Bosthoon)--Baking Hell; Scopellay Swear; Slumberveale; Kenless Square nomore, Sue Barbie Ann; Citgo letitgo; Johnnycake Touring (impudentially); Onion Squalor; D'ya make her Plain? 
    Saul:  Chick.  (Deliberate ploy Izvestia?  O ja!)
    Sylph:  Alfabestial?  Lisztry?   Bottle nymps?  Motor ghost dreymification? 
    Saul:  Czech.
    Sylph:  Joggerforay, litterchore, aisance? 
    Saul:  Wattles?
    Sylph:  Walkabout rheumor, is't allayed?  Watteauve hoarselauves, mimsy, comodices?
  Saul:  Nonono!  Rot a jakes in this wool outrance: Thesis a sillious bidness, labor nth deggereel--*y--aspace dumbisilly!  Caper opiniump tersleeve!  Shawzam daiquirum!  No luffing aloud, check?  De Gowin and kip Gawain.
    Sylph:  Orky doxy.  Landbridge of flow-ers?  Epithetamicum?
    Saul:  Chuck.
    Sylph:  Lokiay.  In dreck illeutions, light sportif, relaytod Thebes? 
    Saul:  Chock.
  Sylph:  End of cruise, occidental fallicities scribed or proscribed.  Murther my sweets!  Weed opus, Lex!  But witch dartlings demur dear?  Huw Chewsent?  Phlox simple, housel eye maim this hearessy?  Mickeyrooney sullied?  Mockarunic solid?  Macarena squalid?  Amuckrunning sillied?  Ouchoos!?  
    Saul:  Idaho: Alaska.

Now wandered he switzzled perchoyce, O fill the jim joynts, t'weak poorshames to dram, for serving tin ears!  Sinjim, set a pun by paronomastoidtons, pawn (de mie) urged and pendaemoniummed, Persse-coted by punic worse (lexsicle hannibalism), noncompulssed by part-manitou men (yeah!), wiles mystering the drum-rules (ratatat!) uffish Walking dream.  Madderhern (shaw!) writer scan a cat.  Imaging a brain carrion thus constraint--malty fairyless rubygold burglary for Mavourneen tears--eye coding to wit!  Lovelacely, purr Neora honor dear swore.  Drover Crécy dinnit (viz., Anneye Loveya Pleurebel: "you're but a puny")?   Orris dwaterloo ciao ennuwaye, Poordiers.  Offer goose to court Agin, fair punnish mint, allaway to the crack of Bloom, grinning agape, bigeminy!  Git they to a punnery!

Orca.  Fad enough.  Oddiyou, police stop.  Em dun.  Dun dun dundun!  Himhell!  Humbled mitrailleuse auto ammo.  Gatling stunned.  Sprint atoomich tie 'em allrooty.  Cureya eleysian?  Cure Jura diction!  No a good jim, joys?  Gotta strait exorcising, jack it!  Ampersesst, picklerow, dangbit, opperculased in wittier prankster's double!  Neighs most under teuful drives-- cant Abaddoneate-- nighdsmair yelp from author humor banes: lemma outer Dis!  Anyibuddy dare to helpum, pure pidgin?  Cannae hylp his sylph!  Halp!  Hipholp!  Help fiend me I!

Harp!  Youse voyce from yonder binglow spakes?  Tis me Awn-gel--and aul' Nick as the son!  Nearabby!  Lesson, they sez (baht a yiz togather, now, croon brillo): "Top hat blaguerighting, Daddy Big Juan!  Eetee squall whom!"  Grace us, byabbies, hankies lots, jesting tyoom.  Re-systemboots utile.  Ohm hoom noo.  One last punt, phought to Finnishan; jest Ablather Lashted Parriody.  This: .  Full stop; abundant; woke up.

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  1. An error: Joyce spent most of the time during the seventeen years of writing "Finnegans Wake" in Paris, not Switzerland, although he lived in Zurich both earlier and later, and died there of a perforated ulcer in 1941.